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Little Links

Hi. How is your weekend going? I’ve been cleaning, spending time with family, and reading a lot (currently this creepy novel). Here are a few interesting things I’ve read recently on the Web related to the Basque Country: Continue reading “Little Links”


Little Links

Happy Sunday again! Hope your weekend is going well. This week was busy, but I did manage to finish my review of the entire third Bakarka book including all the vocabulary and officially started Bakarka 4. I’m also nearly finished with The Basque Country: A Cultural History, so I will soon have a review of that for you. In other news, this nascent little blog was featured on About Basque Country, which was a very pleasant surprise and a little nudge to get going on writing some of my own content.
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Little Links

How was your week? I dedicated some time to reading a good chunk of Paddy Woodworth’s The Basque Country: A Cultural History and also finished the third book in the Bakarka textbook series for learning Euskara (!). Now I’m going back through my notes, the vocabulary, readings, and dialogues from the whole book before diving into book four. (More on both these books to come.)

And now, a few links. Continue reading “Little Links”

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