Good morning. I have just a few links this week including one that’s related to the Basque Country in a less direct way and another that’s not related at all, but about another topic I love: reading. Take a look:

Researchers at the University of Maryland are looking at the role of genetics in political violence by studying Basques, both ETA militants and not. This article gives details, while warning against the risks of trying to put science at the service of an ideology. (In Spanish.)

An interesting interview with historian and professor Antonio Elorza. He won El Correo’s Journalism Award for the article ‘Cataluña y el País Vasco: destinos cruzados’ published in November of last year. (In Spanish.)

“Yo creo que existe una nación vasca y una construcción nacional vasca, lo mismo que una catalana, pero no tienen por qué ser de corte sabiniano, porque de hecho ambas están imbricadas con la española. No es fácil contarles esto a los nacionalistas, porque te encierran en su campo semántico, en su lenguaje.”

What if men’s magazines were like those produced for women?  This little article isn’t about anything Basque, but it’s written in Basque and it’s short, so it could be a little Basque reading practice.

Interview with Michi Strausfled, awarded the Order of Alfonso X El Sabio for her work in bringing about  book collections for children and teens. She talks about how to get kids into reading and why a culture of letters suffered under Franco. (In Spanish.)