Hello and happy Sunday (and Valentine’s Day). Hope your weekend’s going well. Here are this week’s links of interest:

Here’s the program I mentioned last week about Carnaval traditions in small towns.

Thoughts of a young woman from the Basque Country who was doing a semester abroad at the University of Missouri when racist threats caused some classes to be cancelled. She talks about privilege and fear, relating it to the fear felt back at home by women in a society where men are more privileged. (In Basque.)

The KiVa anti-bullying method, which was created and has been highly successful in Finland, was presented to the Association of Ikastolas. It teaches empathy, respect, and communication in order to prevent bullying, and has individual and group components when addressing a case of bullying. (In Basque.)

This has me thinking about my own Basque last name: The number of people with Basque surnames working in government positions in the Basque Country is disproportionately high compared the the general population, suggesting that Basque surnames are a factor in being successful in politics. (In English.)

“. . . one’s name still carries a lot of weight in Basque politics and society, even though Basque nationalists – in both their moderate and radical versions – long ago renounced the original definition of “Basqueness” as something associated with ethnic attributes.”

So close: Euskara missed gaining legal status in France by one vote. (In Basque.)

For those interested in language in general, French spelling is getting a makeover and (of course) it’s causing some controversy.  (In Spanish.)