Hey there, how was your week? I’ve been very busy with one of my other pursuits, the cello, preparing over a dozen new pieces for an upcoming event I’ll be participating in. I was only able to squeeze in a little bit of time to read about Basque- and Basque Country-related things on the Internet, but here are a few links you might find interesting:

Friday was Santa Agueda / Agate Deuna. North American Basque Organizations has a page explaining what that is, along with the music that’s sung for the occasion. (In English.) My own experience in the town where I used to live was that the students who were turning 18 that year would go from door to door the day before in small groups singing in exchange for a monetary donation for them to have a celebration dinner together later on. I was told that in the past it was only young men who participated, before joining the military, and they received food in exchange for their song. At the school where I taught, these students (and others who were no longer studying, but were turning 18 that year, forming a quinta) would come to the patio all dressed up in their traditional outfits and sing to the beat of their sticks hitting the ground. All the other classes were interrupted and the younger students went out to the patio to watch them. It was a very neat thing to witness, though I was surprised to see that many of the kids in the quinta had been drinking during the morning as they went from house to house yet were allowed to enter school grounds after that.

This weekend and next week is Carnaval. On Tuesday ETB1 will show a special program I want to see showing how it’s celebrated in some of the small towns around the Basque Country. Hopefully it will be online on EITB after it airs.

Modelo D, the educational model where all classes are taught through the medium of Euskara except Spanish language class, will be offered in parts of Navarra outside Basque speaking areas beginning next school year wherever there is a demand for it. (In Spanish.)

This is a long read which I still haven’t finished myself: Gure Esku Dago and the Right to Decide: Viewpoints, Challenges, and Ways Forward. Basque self-determination is something I know little about, but would like to start understanding. (In English.)