How was your week? I’ve read a bit more in The Basque Country by Paddy Woodworth and almost finished my final review of Bakarka 3 (hopefully I’ll finish today and start Bakarka 4 tomorrow).

Here are a few links for your weekend.

This weekend was the kickoff for Donostia 2016 (really wish I was there right now), which was celebrated with an opening presentation with speeches, dance, and musical performances. There was a huge show with lights and music on María Cristina Bridge on Saturday night. Eitb has some videos of the events here. Apparently, there were some complaints about the inaugural show and the mayor has apologized for it not being good enough.

This is a really cool map showing the percentage of the population that speaks Basque versus the percentage of those who use the language socially in many cities and towns in the Basque Country. (Also in English.)

I really enjoyed this article about the survival of the Basque language in the past and the future. It ties in with the previous link:

” . . . even though Basque is currently being taught in the Basque Country as a subject and used as the medium of education in many schools, the main challenge is getting people to actually use the language! Many of them ask: Why should I speak Basque if the person at the bank office probably doesn’t speak it back to me? How can I speak Basque among friends if some of them do not speak it? Why should I speak Basque if it is not cool to do so?”

While written with some of Canada’s indigenous languages in mind, these three tips for learning your traditional language can be applied to any language you’re learning. It’s taken from a CBC Radio episode which also has a segment on using social media to promote the use of native languages.

For those interested in languages and linguistics, this podcast on the origins of language is fascinating. Basque is discussed briefly just after minute 46 (however, they seem to think they hear some words in Spanish in the audio sample and that the speaker is talking about language, when he’s just introducing himself).