How was your week? I dedicated some time to reading a good chunk of Paddy Woodworth’s The Basque Country: A Cultural History and also finished the third book in the Bakarka textbook series for learning Euskara (!). Now I’m going back through my notes, the vocabulary, readings, and dialogues from the whole book before diving into book four. (More on both these books to come.)

And now, a few links.

I love the group Ken Zazpi, so I can’t believe I didn’t know they came out with a new album back in November. This interview with lead singer Eñaut Elorrieta discusses the new direction of their musical sound, some of the well-known names who collaborated, and his concerns about the situation of music, and culture in general, in Basque society. (In Spanish.)

“Desde el punto de vista musical, creemos que una de las claves para la creación reside en mantenerse alejado de terrenos que te sean cómodos. Lo que nos lleva a creer honestamente en lo que hacemos es inmiscuirnos en terrenos desconocidos, desaprender. Queríamos romper con fórmulas anteriores que ya hemos dado por agotadas.”

You can listen to the  to the entire album, Phoenicoperus, on YouTube.

Irakurketa Erraza Euskadi is a project begun in 2012 to create easy reading groups in the Basque Country for those who, for physical, psychological, or social reasons, have problems with reading and comprehension. They’re now working to make easy readers in Basque, not just Spanish, available. I’m thinking some of the books produced as part of the project might also be useful to those learning Basque as a second language. (In Basque.)

Did you know Haymitch’s jacket in Mockingjay – Part 2 was created by Basque designer Roberto Etxeberria? Here this tidbit is relayed from another news source along with a bit of criticism for the way good news from out of the Basque Country is called Spanish, while negative news is called Basque. (In Spanish.)

A cool art print map of Donosti (San Sebastian) to add interest to your walls.