Happy Sunday! Here are a few links for you relating to the Basque Country, plus one lovely read that’s not.

Did you know you can download the University of Nevada’s Center for Basque Studies’ entire textbook series and conference papers series for FREE? These are books about Basque culture, economy, history, sociolinguistics, and more. I spent 20 minutes putting them all on my Kindle and now have months worth of reading.

Last month the United States Institute of Peace published a report titled The Basque Country and ETA: The Difficulties of an Ending. You can download the report, which includes 10 lessons learned from the Basque conflict.

The 2016 Smithsonian Folklife Festival will be focused on the Basque Country. Here’s a peek at the work being done to prepare for the Festival and the themes that will be highlighted.

Yesterday evening thousands marched in Bilbao and Baiona in favor of bringing ETA prisoners back to the Basque Country. Their banner read “Derechos Humanos, resolución y paz. Euskal Presoak Euskal Herrira” (Human Rights, resolution, and peace. Basque prisoners to the Basque Country). In Bilbao six vans led the way, carrying signs with the names of cities with prisons where ETA prisoners are being held and the number of kilometers between them and the Basque Country. (article in Spanish)

Unrelated to the Basque Country, but a beautiful reflection on working in a flower shop, interactions with customers, and how precious some moments are because they’re gone so quickly.